“Unsustainable” (Video)

    The album trailer for Muse’s upcoming record suggested that the UK rock band was taking a turn for the dubstep, and now the full stream of The 2nd Law‘s first single has confirmed the unspeakable. That hyperdramatic orchestral intro that led into that distorted wub-wub riff in the trailer? That wasn’t just to get us talking. It’s actually part of the song “Unsustainable,” which continues on Muse’s pseudo-activist tip to express a generalized discontent with the global state of energy affairs. There’s also a TV-screen-faced robot and some unexplained Hunger Games visuals in the video for this truly bizarre instrumental ditty. Somehow, Muse hasn’t inspired me to ask questions about the future of sustainable energy. I’m more inspired to ask: Matthew Bellamy, what in the balls are you doing?



    The 2nd Law will be released October 2.