‘United Division’ (Album)

    It’s been a great day for hip-hop fans with tight pockets. Washington, D.C.’s Uptown XO dropped his brand-new album, Monumental II, for free while Memphis’ Don Trip released not one but two mixtapes for the price of your e-mail address. Continuing that trend is the Baltimore-based duo of the Black Sunn and 810, a pair of 20-somethings — they’re 23 and 22, respectively — destined to be the next big thing out of the DMV area.

    That’s not hyperbole or some cheap way to grab your attention, either. These two MCs are too talented and well-rounded on the mic — they have precise, free-flowing bars and narratives for days — to not move past sleeper status. Underground hip-hop heads should instantly adore the Black Sunn and 810’s playful back-and-forth and collective ear for complementary, outstanding production. And given the right push, they should earn the widespread recognition they deserve for United Division, an album they painstakingly created over the course of two years.

    You can stream the album below and download it on Bandcamp.