“Unison” F. Bjork (Prefix Premiere)

    Under his last name, Erin Rioux makes electronic pop music with a different angle. It’s not exactly straightforward, but it’s also not too flooded in time-eating ambience. Over the last couple of years, Rioux has released four EPs and one audiovisual album called Everything You Need is Right Here, all of which and more can be found at his Bandcamp.

    On “Unison,” a new track that features vocals from Bjork, Rioux brings us to a soft, minimal world of bubbled percussion and other strangely blurring sounds. The singing is manipulated beautifully; listening to Bjork’s voice deepen and bend over the course of three minutes feels like watching a condensed life cycle. It’s no surprise that this 21-year-old felt he had it in him to create a music album that you see. Rioux’s talent shines subtly but brightly on “Unison.” You can stream and download the song below.