“Undream A Year” (Video)

    To give a name like “Undream A Year”, its author must have had one hapless year. In the case of Valleys, the state of disquietude translates visually with one half of their member, Tille(Matilda) Perks, drifting through a desolate world where she runs into herself repeatedly. Director Derrick Belcham elegantly embodies the Montreal-based duo’s haunting shoegaze-y track, creating a dreamy atmosphere with haze, nocturnal hues, and a levitating doppelgänger. According to Valleys, “Undream A Year” is also a reinterpretation of Good Will Hunting.

    “Undream A Year” is the first single from Valleys second LP, Are You Going To Stand There And Talk Weird All Night? – out April 30 via Kanine Records.