“Under The Ivy” (Kate Bush Cover) (Prefix Premiere)

    Portland’s pre-eminent theatrical pop provocateurs Parenthetical Girls have taken a break from their resolutely excellent Privilege 12-inch singles series to bring you something different. We’re proud to premiere the band’s cover of Kate Bush’s “Under the Ivy,” a song of brutal simplicity in its original form that Parenthetical Girls remake into a uplifting, swirling synth jam. It falls in with Parenthetical Girls’ recent output to the point where you’d be forgiven for thinking this is an original. 

    Parenthetical Girls have made no secret of their love for Kate Bush: They’ve played tribute shows in her honor, and are giving away a collection of Bush covers, titled Demos for the Dreaming, to people who purchase the latest Privelege 12-inch. Listen to “Under the Ivy” below:

    Parenthetical Girls: “Under The Ivy” (Kate Bush Cover) by prefixmag