“UK Blues”

    Looks like Mark Kozelek has left behind the dark guitar noodling of his last Sun Kil Moon album, Admiral Fell Promises, for a more straightforward kind of melancholy on his upcoming record, Among The Leaves. And, if “UK Blues” is any indication, the album might even have a sense of humor, believe it or not. The song, which premiered today over at Stereogum, is a stripped-down travelogue through Europe, with Kozelek hopping from stage to stage, and mumbling clever, even lighthearted lines about each country. Of Finland, he coos “so many trees, John Denver would be pleased, while in Denmark he notices both that “everybody’s white” and everyone rides bikes.” Despite it’s cleverness, Kozelek still manages to infuse the song with his trademark maudlin feel, but it doesn’t dull the song at all.

    Among The Leaves is out on Caldo Verde on May 29, and you can stream “UK Blues” now over at Stereogum now.