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U2: "Breathe" (Live on the Late Show with David Letterman) (Video)

The first single from U2’s No Line on the Horizon charted at a surprisingly low #12 in the band’s native U.K., so the band has entered into some crazed promotional activities to ensure the album sales don’t follow suit. First up is a weeklong residency on the Late Show with David Letterman, which is introduced with gut-wrenching hyperbole in this clip.

The talk show host had the band shoveling snow from the New York City streets before they performed “Breathe” from the new record. The song is fairly standard U2 fare, and Bono does his “I-am-the-messiah” thing to get Letterman’s crowd on their feet while the Edge churns out another uninspired riff. As Letterman says, "they'll be here all week," as even a snow storm can't halt the U2 publicity machine.
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I hate when I get all nationalistic like this, especially over U2, but I can't help it. There's nothing native about the UK for U2- they're from Ireland.


you do hate u2 dont you?


At some point one needs to remember that this is just entertainment. The 'girls', U2, seem to be trying to cross some line with this Messiah act and that can be dangerous.
Personally, I think they're nutso now and the sour tone of their performances seems to reflect that.


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