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U-God: "Wu-Tang" ft. Method Man (Video)

You can pretty much count U-God's okay verses on three or four fingers (number one: his verse on "Cherchez La Ghost"), so despite his status as an original member of the Wu-Tang Clan, it's not surprising that his new solo album, Dopium, has remained under the radar. Calling your new single "Wu-Tang" is pretty shrewd, but this is probably the best solo U-God track since... shit, since forever.


Dopium is out now.

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Hahaha, nice write-up.

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Yo I copped DOPIUM and the album is fire not sure why ur dissing da GOD but most sites have given DOPIUM stellar reviews 5 out of 5 stars its his best album by far and much better than any other wutang project ive heard in recent memory no joke check out the snippets for yourself at

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