“Twilite Speedball” (Live In London) (Video)

    We’re nearly two years removed from the release of Mos Def’s stellar fourth solo album, The Ecstatic, which he is hopefully set to follow-up soon. Since then, he has split his time between acting and a slew of live performances, some of which have included sets with Talib Kweli as Black Star. For this Trekstock charity event in London, however, a sharply dressed Mos appeared onstage at XOYO with only DJ Preservation backing him up. And following a little dancing and ad libbing — something Mos fans know he does regularly at concerts — he broke into Ecstatic standout “Twilite Speedball.” It sounds just as good now as it did in the summer of ’09, though I think we can all agree that we’re due for a new album already.