“Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart” (Live On Letterman) (Video)


    I don’t know much about medicine (Good god man, I’m a music blogger not a doctor!) but I know that it is possible to sleep with a metaphorically broken heart, contrary to Alicia Keys’ worries on Letterman last night. If you try sleeping with a concussion (or a literally broken heart) you will surely die, though. But a metaphorically broken heart is easier to sleep with than heartburn. Heartburn will mess up your sleep cycle/esophagus. 



    Medical distractions aside, Keys rocked it on Letterman, doing “Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart,” the latest single from The Element of Freedom. Dave prefaces the performance with quips about Keys’ 12 Grammys, a number which actually seems a bit low, since she’s virtually alone with Mary J. Blige in this kind of music. As long as she puts out a record, she’s guaranteed like five statues. 


    The Element of Freedom is out now.