“Try A Little Tenderness” (Otis Redding Cover) (Live On A.V. Undercover) (Video)

    Peter Bjorn And John cover “Try A Little Tenderness” by Otis Redding

    Peter Bjorn and John are the second to last guests on this year’s edition of the A.V. Club’s Undercover series, being forced to pick between a Loretta Lynn song, and Otis Redding’s seminal “Try a Little Tenderness.” They pick the latter. It’s got to be especially hard to tackle the song now, too, since Jay and Kanye’s “Otis” has a heavy sample, and is the most high profile reappearance of the song since Redding’s 1966 cover. But Peter Bjorn and John knock this shit out of the park, pulling off the transformation into a soul band, with Peter delivering some shouts and stomps. Watch it above. [AV Club