“Trouble On My Mind” F. Tyler, The Creator (Video)

    Less than two weeks after he leaked the track to the web, Pusha T comes through with the visuals for his collaboration with Tyler, the Creator, “Trouble On My Mind.” Acclaimed hip-hop video director Jason Goldwatch is at the helm and his vision for the understated banger is one of an animated Pusha actin’ a fool with the Odd Future leader.


    The best part of this video — aside from watching Tyler cruise around on a scooter — is seeing just how excited he is to be rapping alongside Pusha. I mean, Tyler has made it pretty well known that this was one of his goals in life, so why wouldn’t he cheese like that during the first chorus? It’s also kind of hilarious to see Pusha in the role of the cool uncle who doesn’t give a shit how much mayhem his nephew’s causing.


    Pusha T’s Fear of God 2: Let Us Pray drops Aug. 23.