“Travel Anthem” (Prefix Premiere)

    Russia’s synth-pop scene is swelling, and we are proud to introduce you to Sohight & Cheevy, the collective project between retro-futuristic producer Yaroslav Kirillove and vocalist Zmitrek Zhukovsky. 

    Both musicians have garnered notable solo careers in their home country of Russia, and together they create vibrant, bright melodies with the message of love and kindness woven in the seams.

    Today, we’re happy to premiere the first single and title track off the collective’s forthcoming EP, Travel Anthem (out November 5 via On The Fruit Records). The track features disco-tinged synth production, funky basslines and romping percussion that’s hard not to dance to, especially when Cheevy’s vocals come in and create their own rhythm.

    Listen to “Travel Anthem” below.