“Transmission” (Joy Division cover) (MP3)

    Hot Chip are rapidly becoming the cover band of the moment. First there was their grown-up electronica version of Vampire Weekend’s "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa" with Peter Gabriel, then Alexis Taylor’s version of "Sad Song" on Au Revoir Simone’s Reverse Migration proved to be that album’s sole saving grace.


    Now Putney’s finest are giving Joy Division’s "Transmission" the Hot Chip treatment for the War Child album Heroes, which also features Lily Allen’s cover of the Clash’s "Straight To Hell" that we brought you earlier today.  As you’d expect the Hot Chip track does not disappoint. They transform the sinister, stark original into a playful, retro number. In Hot Chip’s hands Ian Curtis’s caveat  "Dance, dance,dance, dance, dance to the radio" is a welcome invitation. [Stereogum/I Was There]