Copenhagen, Denmark’s Robin Hannibal is probably best known not for his solo work but his time in the studio with other acts, including Quadron, Boom Clap Bachelors, and Szerjdene. But this week, Hannibal stepped out on his own with the release of the Bobby EP. He played all the instruments, wrote all the lyrics, and sang all the vocals on the project, which is somewhat of a first for the Dutch Renaissance man. And for anyone wondering if he can find the same magic on his own, don’t worry. Because if the EP’s latest single, “Transit,” is any indication, Hannibal can create innovative, dreamy, and altogether catchy music with or without his musician friends.

    You can stream and download “Transit” below. Hannibal’s Bobby EP is out now, which you can hear at Soundcloud.

    05 Transit by Plug Research