“Trance Sisters” (Video)

    Dayve Hawk, better known as Memory Tapes, is still out there hawking his Player Piano album on Carpark. “Trance Sisters” is the third single to be taken from that record, which has been given the artful video in the clip below. According to the notes on Vimeo, Berlin-based filmmaker Vera Todorova was asked to remake George Lucas’s sci-fi feature THX1138 on a budget that amounted to little more than the price of a bag of peanuts. Does she succeed? It’s actually not a bad effort, somewhat akin to the creaky cut-and-paste aesthetic of the Flaming Lips’ movie Christmas on Mars. Check it out in the clip below. [via Disco Naivete]

    Memory Tapes ‘Trance Sisters’ from Ooh Brilliant on Vimeo.

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