“Train To Bamako (Femme En Fourrure Remix)” (MP3)

    Myd, the young French DJ/producer spreading his beats all over club scenes across the world, has a sound that will be familiar to your ears: minimal, hard techno bass; rhythmic, African-inspired percussion; progressing rave-synths; repetitious vocals. DJ’s keep playing it because it’s easily digestible, the kind of stuff that dance floor newbies are obsessed with.


    Usually, when the track disappoints, you can hope for a remix from a suitable producer to spice up mix. Here, we get a remix of “Train to Bamako,” from Finnish “wonder duo” Femme En Fourrure. Featured on Myd’s new EP, the remix strips the track down to the bare necessities, building nicely in the beginning toward a barren, dead-end finish. It’s almost hard to call this a remix, since very little original elements of the song are featured, but no doubt you’ll hear this at your local club — it fits the criteria.



    Myd – Train To Bamako (Femme En Fourrure remix) (YSI)