“Tough Luck”

    photo credit: Sandy Kim

    England can be a pretty depressing place, especially when you are a punk at heart living in a metropolis thriving on capitalism. Impassive buildings housing retail, financial, and manufacturing companies fuel the economy of Leeds. Um so, when you live in a city known as the leading business and legal sector of UK and want to play in a band, it’s not too surprising to produce music that sounds rebellious to your environment. 

    From the city that spawned acts like Gang of Four and The Sisters of Mercy, Eagulls are hurling their irrepressible hymn for the post-uni pessimistic working class.  The noisy post-punk quintet’s debut full-length is slated to release on March 4, 20014 via Partisan Records. Until then, turn up the volume and immerse into their latest gloomy exigent single, “Tough Luck”.