“Toothwheels” (Video)

    Múm came to the North American radar just as their fellow Icelanders, Sigur Rós, was cementing their future as their country’s most eminent band. The now quartet is gearing up for the September release of their sixth full-length, Smilewound, via Morr Music. For a preview of the new LP, the electro-folk experimental collective has released the music video for “Toothwheels”. The trademark music that conjured imageries of children’s storybooks of múm’s earlier years has departed in the latest single. Intact is the magical potion of digital beats and analog instruments, propelling a wistful vocals of an adult female. Guess we all grow up – even if you come from one of the most fantasy-like world on the planet.

    Múm will headline the first ever  Ja Ja Ja Festival in November in London, along with Danmark’s Mew. They will also play at this year’s ever increasingly popular Iceland Airwaves in October.