“Too Late To Topologize”

    New York-based sample-pop masters the Books took great care with their work. They had a vast library of sounds and recordings, painstakingly organized to help them collate their cut-and-paste melancholy. With each subsequent album, though, that library became less the crux of their music-making and more an additional color to throw on their palette. Nick Zammuto’s post-Books solo work under his surname has continued along that path.

    “Too Late to Topologize” is a taste of his forthcoming record Zammuto, and while the use of found sounds is familiar to anyone who remembers listening to Thought for Food for the first time, those sounds are almost ancillary to the track, which instead rides on an aggressively soulful synth groove and some passionately Auto-Tuned vocals. The combination is something warm yet alien, comfortable yet anxious. Listen to the track below. [BV]