“Tonight (Best You Ever Had)” F. Ludacris

    From one look at the title of John Legend’s newest jam — “Tonight (Best You Ever Had)” — it’s hard not to think about tracks like, say, Smashing Pumpkins’ “Tonight, Tonight” and Drake’s “Best I Ever Had.” But once you hit play, you’ll realize that the smooth-voiced, piano-loving crooner’s latest single is nothing like those tracks and you might accuse me of rambling.

    If anything, it’s like a slowed-down version of the club-oriented pop tunes that have dominated the radio and Billboard charts lately. The oomp-tiss is still there, just not at the same rapid pace. Anyway, if you’re expecting anything similar to Legend’s earlier, ballad-esque hits, you might be in for a surprise here. But if you dug the more electronic direction of Evolver, enjoy. Stream the track below. It drops as a single Jan. 31.