“Toddler” (Kangding Ray Remix)

    On March 20, Battles will release the third entry in their ongoing Dross Glop series of EPs featuring remixes of, you guessed it, tracks off last year’s Gloss Drop. The latest EP boasts reworks from Silent Servant, Qluster, and Kangding Ray, the last of whom’s is streaming here. He’s taken on “Toddler” and turned it into a nearly eight-minute-long deep house, dark-as-fuck banger. Seriously, this should be used in a horror or suspense movie soon, or maybe just a club filled with drugged-up people. Either way.

    You can stream remix and read drummer John Stanier’s thoughts on it below:

    We wanted to use KR because his atmospheric dark textural music sounds big and creepy in giant clubs and we wanted to see if that vibe could be conveyed in a remix of one of our songs. KR most definitely delivered. Awesome tunes include the Pruitt Lgoe 12″ and the OR LP both on the Raster-Noton label. – John Stanier