“To Keep Back” (Video)

    Zambri is the last name of sisters Jessica and Cristi Jo. Conveniently, it’s also the name of their duo. Zambri released its debut five-track EP, Glossolalia, back in November, and now they’ve dropped a video for “To Keep Back.” As creepy as their music and promo photos, the video sees the sisters stare blankly into deep landscapes set in what looks like a museum. There are a lot of slow zooms in and out, and the visuals punctuate the points of emphasis in the music to the tune of cracking champagne glasses, extinguished candles and a geyser of milk. And even though one of the coolest shots (a house’s clear reflection in a bubble) comes early on, “To Keep Back” is, if anything, interesting to watch from beginning to end. [A Heart Is A Spade]