“Tip The Scale” And “The Other Side” (Live On Fallon) (Video)

    The Roots took a break from serving as Jimmy Fallon’s house band on Fallon’s show last night to do something else: Perform stirring renditions of material from their Undun LP. First off, the group performed “Tip the Scale,” with some help from Bilal, and it’s about as great as you can always guess. They then moved on to parts of the “Redford” suite, with help from a strings group called the Metropolis Ensemble. Then ?uestlove gets crazy with pianist D.D. Jackson. There are sliding drum risers, giant heart monitors, and darkened sets. In short, it’s crazy, and it’s great.  

    But that’s not all. The group also did “The Other Side” as a web exclusive, and it too is the best. The Roots are a national treasure, this much is certain.