“Time Won’t Tell” (Nocando Remix) (Video)

    When Nocando released his remix of El-P’s punishing “Time Won’t Tell” in January, it brought to mind images of a dude speeding down a poorly lit, windy road at night. And while I still see that while bumping the track, I’m glad the Cali MC didn’t go that route for the video. Instead, he went with the overarching gloomy vibe of his raps and El-P’s production to showcase an apocalyptic setting. In particular, the bare imagery seems to reinterpret Nocando’s repeated opening line of, “Man crawled from the mud and saw God/ God said, “Get the fuck off my lawn.'” So now the remix doesn’t only sound great, it looks pretty fucking good, too.


    Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx3 is out now.