“Time Of Love” (Video)

    Just last week we were talking with Daniel Martin-McCormick about his weirdo-dance project Ital and before we could blink, his jam-heavy, post-PiL outfit Mi Ami dropped a new album. Now there is a video for the excellent new track “Time of Love” which finds the group leaning towards more of a groove-driven, club feel with pumping percussion and heavy vocal reverb.

    The track is eerie and the video may be even eerier. Continuing with their trend of lo-fi VHS aesthetic, the video for “Time of Love” is like watching a horror film filtered through an NES. There are a lot of nails, melting people, butts, unattached limbs and very pale looking folks pixilated into 8-bit psychedelic ugliness. Gross.

    A word of warning, do not watch after eating a large meal.