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T.I.: "Remember Me" feat. Mary J. Blige (Video)

T.I. may be in jail, but that hasn’t stopped him from releasing a video of his duet with Mary J. Blige on “Remember Me.” The track has been issued to promote the re-release of Paper Trail, which is currently scheduled to be in stores in August. T.I. is currently serving a 366-day sentence for a 2007 arrest on felony weapons charges.

Naturally, the clip was shot before his stint behind bars, but uses the hip-hop star’s incarceration as its central theme. T.I. is escorted to a cell by a prison guard as the song begins, and he makes it clear that this is just a minor blip in his overall career arc. If nothing else, this video proves that even a jail term can be exploited for commercial purposes.

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and from prison too.
wonder if he's seen it?

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