“Throw it in the Bag” ft. The Dream and “It’s My Time” ft. Jeremih (Videos)

    I’m not sure if releasing two singles concurrently for the same album is a solid marketing/promotional approach, but I guess when you’re Fabolous and you’ve been predicted to be the next big New York rapper since 2003, you’ll do whatever it takes. At least he’s got good taste in collaborators: he roped The Dream in to do hook duty on the unremarkable “Throw it in the Bag,” a song about how Fabolous is richer than you, so much so, his girls can buy whatever they want. In your face. 


    Below is the video for “It’s My Time,” which features “girl you know I-I-I” Jeremih on the hook and has a hokey narrative about Fabolous’ life being like a movie.


    Fabolous’ Loso’s Way is due out on June 30. [NahRight]