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Three 6 Mafia: "Feel It" (ft. Tiesto, Sean Kingston, and Flo Rida) (Video)

Three 6 Mafia gives us this awkward flirtation with Tiesto's stadium sized electronica in this new track, "Feel It." It's not really easy to see fans of Three 6 Mafia's silly southern grime warming to such a decidedly un-hip hop beat, but Sean Kingston and Flo Rida on the other hand, are essentially just Top 40 scavengers who will take what they can get, so good for them. Producer Tiesto did so many wacky collaborations on Kaleidoscope, maybe this is an indication that he wants to do even more?

[Nah Right]

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Three 6 Mafia

Looks like that A&R rep from Cliche Records got Three 6 Mafia to return his calls after Wale dissed him.


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