Thrash & Burn (Album Stream)

    Long before experimental freak-out king Ariel Pink adopted his pseudonym and joined up with Haunted Graffiti, he produced quirky and dark bedroom recordings under his birth name, Ariel Rosenberg. Originally recorded in 1998 and first released by the German branch of Human Ear Music in 2006, the Thrash & Burn collection compiles over 90 minutes of Pink’s work during this time. Using the original master recordings, HEM was able to remaster Thrash & Burn, and will release the compilation later this month.

    Thrash & Burn relies largely on Pink’s use of distorted tape loops and dizzying vocal effects — but unlike Pink’s current pop-oriented musical output, the songs on Thrash & Burn adopt a more free-form, meandering structure. It’s a disorienting glimpse into the Pink’s earliest brushes with the woozy brand of neo-psychedelia he would eventually mature into. However, given the expansive nature of Thrash & Burn, this is a release that requires much more than a casual interest in Pink’s development as a songwriter. 

    The Thrash & Burn reissue will be released via HEM and distributed in two extremely limited formats; digital versions of the album will be restricted to 500 downloads and a box set containing the collection spread across four cassettes will be limited to an edition of 250. Luckily, for the curious listener, HEM has placed Trash & Burn online for free streaming, so check out the collection at HEM’s SoundCloud or below.