“This Movie Is Broken” Trailer (Video)

    Broken Social Scene is no stranger to musical theatrics (check out their new album Forgiveness Rock Record is you need verification). But, a half-fiction half-documentary movie? Well, their new film This Movie Is Broken attempts to blur the lines between real life and scripted dialogue, and it looks like this year’s indie-rock date movie.


    The plot’s simple enough: Some hipster dude drukenly bangs some manic pixie dream girl before realizing that, oh shit, she’s leaving the next day to visit her parents. In order for him to get seconds and steal her away from her selfish, loving parents, he must take her to see Broken Social Scene play their hits in HD. But, will Kevin Drew attempt to steal her away and pull a Bruce Springsteen “Dancing in the Dark” move by inviting her on stage? Will the manic pixie dream girl come clean and admit that she has a boyfriend and was just looking for a quickie? Will all of Broken Social Scene show up for the concert? The questions are numerous.


    This Movie Is Broken comes out of June 25th to Canadian-themed indie cinemas and pairs Broken Social Scene music with filmmaker Bruce McDonald, who used BSS music to score 2007’s The Tracey Fragments. [Spinner]