“They Point” F. 2 Chainz & Juicy J (Video)

    You know those big budget comedies that feature tons of comedians coming together to presumably up the level of comedy (like Funny People) but always end up being pretty disappointing? Well, this video for E-40’s “They Point” is just the opposite of that: It featues two of hip-hop’s funniest MCs circa 2012–2 Chainz and Juicy J–teaming up with E-40 (who himself can be funny when he wants) to talk parallel parking while ghost riding, people pointing at your car, selling work since Bill Clinton, being trippy, being “Lionel Richie high” and missionary sex. 2 Chainz wears a rotary phone on his belt, because of course he does. This is about the most fun you’ll have with a rap video today. 

    E-40’s The Block Brochure three album set is due out on March 26.