“(There’s) Always Something There to Remind Me” (Burt Bacharach Cover) (Audio)

    Jim O’Rourke has produced an album titled All Kinds of People – Love Burt Bacharach, which pays warm tribute to its title figure. The record features collaborations between O’Rourke and a number of other musicians, including this reworking of “(There’s) Always Something There to Remind Me” with Thurston Moore and Wilco/Loose Fur drummer Glenn Kotche.


    The album is actually available now in O’Rourke’s adopted home of Japan, but a North American release date (if there is to be one) isn’t clear yet. Surprisingly, Moore plays it relatively safe on this version of the song, largely neglecting to power it with howling guitars and instead staying faithful to the spirit of the original.


    [via TwentyFourBit]

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