“The Worst Guys” F. Chance The Rapper (Video)

    Following up on the momentum building mixtape Royalty, Childish Gambino dropped Because the Internet late last year.  The album was largely a critical success, displaying a rapper breaking into new territory in sometimes awe-inspiring ways.  It was ironic that the album cover showcased a seemingly Fear and Loathing inspired portrait of Gambino, seeing as the sound scape within was largely twisted and continuously evolving, a trip stuck somewhere in the nether between bad and good.  For all the showy, glowy audio samples on the album, the lyrics and topics within were more bleak- Hunter S Thompson than most cuts in rap.

    The “Worst Guys” was one of the more toned down selections from the album.  Featuring support on the chorus from Chance the Rapper, the track causes flashbacks to Chance’s Acid Rap.  It’s refreshing to see an artist adapt a guest appearance so organically as on this one, and begs the question of a Chance/ Gambino collab album.  The visuals aren’t exactly anything to brag about (Besides the trippy birds eye view at 1:40), but with the polar climate some of us are currently enduring, it never hurts to be reminded of the upcoming summer sun and waves.