“The Warning” (Mariah Carey Diss) (MP3)

    Well, this is the Mariah Carey diss/”Obsessed” response that everyone’s been waiting for from the notoriously maladjusted Eminem. That is, if everyone has been continually stooped over the computer monitors, waiting for pop stars to dive into the miasma of their lives.


    After The Dream’s strong implication that “Obsessed” was directed at a specific person, and the bizarre gender-bending premise of the “Obsessed” video, even Mariah Carey’s insistence that “Obsessed” was about no one in particular would’ve stopped Eminem from releasing this vaguely hilarious, absolutely offensive dig at Mariah Carey. In the track he insists that he did have a romantic relationship with Mariah, and implies that he has evidence to prove it, regardless of how insecure it makes Eminem seem to record evidence of his encounters with women. Em even says in the song, “If I’m embarrassing me/I’m embarrassing you.”


    What really matters though, is that regardless of whether or not Mariah digs back at Eminem, she’s the winner here. Drama with Eminem can only help the airplay of “Obsessed,” and bring her upcoming album Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, to the forefront of the current Top 40 consciousness.



    Eminem “Warning” ft. Mariah Carey