“The Walk”

    After revealing some sharp album artwork last week, Mayer Hawthorne continues his #MayerMondays series with something far more riveting than what we can expect to see on the cover of How Do You Do. The Detroit native has released his next single from the album and oh man is it a doozy. Whereas lead single “A Long Time” was a swaying two-stepper, “The Walk” is a biting kiss-off anthem that features Hawthorne at his most aggravated.

    He’s been disappointed, depressed, and frustrated with love in the past, but it’s never been quite as scathing as this. If you have ever been wronged by an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, chances are you’ll be playing the hell out of “The Walk” in the way you might have, say, blasted Cee-Lo Green’s “Fuck You.” Where Hawthorne’s track differs, though, is in its more understated approach and not outright use of profanity.

    You can stream the track at Hawthorne’s website. It’s out now on iTunes. How Do You Do drops Oct. 11.