“The Symbol” (Prod. The Alchemist) (Video)

    Action Bronson and The Alchemist make for a deadly duo (did you hear Bam Bam’s verse on “Elimination Chamber“?), so it’s only right we get some kick ass visuals to accompany their first proper single together, “The Symbol.” In Rik Cordero’s short film, Bronson dons a blond wig and morphs into a pot-smoking, womanizing vigilante, who throws his weight around the city to deal with its seedy characters. Having said that, the MC later suits up as Father Christmas and wields a shotgun, so he’s not much of an angel himself (fooling kids, how dare he!?)

    There’s not much more to add other than Bam Bam probably has the best goddamn visuals in the rap game. The music ain’t half bad, either. [Noisey]

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