“The Suburbs” (Arcade Fire Cover) (Video)

    Mr. Little Jeans isn’t actually a mister at all. It’s actually Norway’s Monica Birkenes, who apparently just has a fondness for Rushmore. She also must have a pretty big part of her heart reserved for Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs, otherwise it’s doubtful she would have put such a great twist on the album’s title-track. She has taken “The Suburbs” and made it into a lush summery jaunt, which filmmakers the High Five Collective decided would serve as the perfect soundtrack for their latest video. You might remember that they made great “unofficial” videos for the Weeknd’s “The Morning” and Tyler, the Creator’s “Transylvania.” That trend only continues here for Birkenes’ “The Suburbs” cover, which makes us wish it wasn’t August already while the video kind of, well, creeps us out. In a good way, though.