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The Stepkids: "Wonderfox" (Video)

One listen to The Stepkids latest single, "Wonderfox," and you can tell these guys either lived close to a record store growing up or had parents with deep crates. The styles heard throughout the track display the Connecticut trio's clear affinity for soul, funk, psychedelia, and jazz. And they're all here for "Wonderfox," which has received an appopriately trippy video that complements the classic rock/psych/soul vibe. It sort of plays out like what would happen if your parents got severely stoned and were asked to make a music video for their favorite bands from the '60s and '70s. Except they were actually listening to the Stepkids, started bugging out, and went wild with the wacky special effects.


"Wonderfox" is the second single off the Stepkids' self-titled debut, which is due out Sept. 27 on Stones Throw. You can view its track listing below.


01 Intro
02 Brain Ninja
03 Suburban Dream
04 Shadows On Behalf
05 Legend In My Own Mind
06 Santos & Ken
07 La La
08 Wonderfox
09 Cup Half Full
10 Outro

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The Stepkids

whoa. trippy.

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