‘The Show’ (Album)

    While I was posting several leaks and a video from this Houston-based quartet I did so with the thinking that their debut album was going to be a paid-for affair. Well, you can still apparently cop it on iTunes, but the Niceguys have offered their very good The Show for the price of free. The 14 tracks within the album demonstrate the group’s versatility and willingness to jump from genre to genre, as highlight “Mr. Perfect” flirts with crunchy Southern rock and “The Good Shepherd” is a jazzier, funkier joint. What’s most impressive about this project, though, is that it doesn’t sound like it’s coming from an act that calls Texas home. Rather, The Show is a flat-out solid record that will absolutely put these guys on the hip-hop world’s collective radar.


    You can download the album here or buy it off iTunes.