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The Secret History: "Johnny Panic (Forget Everything)" (Video)

With Michael Grace Jr. making his directorial debut starring indie pop star Kip Berman, The Secret History's new music video for "Johnny Panic (Forget Everything)" is the epitome of the depiction of the indie urban sprawl. With Kip Berman starring as the hero, you get to see his character traverse the streets of Brooklyn with skateboard in hand. And throughout the video Grace Jr. and company perform and sing  and eventually end in a climatic  "Into the black at the back of The Tracks of Your Tears. The Tracks of Your Tear, tear, tear, tears. You see… I Have But One Heart To Give To You, sha la la la la la. And it’s cut out of paper! I Have But One Heart To Give To You, sha la la la la la"

The song is now available from The Secret History's sophomore album Americans Singing In The Dark.

Get emotional below:

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