“The Return of DST”

    Could it be that the multiply delayed, long-awaited new album from De La Soul is actually in the works? Their eighth proper album, You’re Welcome, has had way too many damn release dates over the past four years or so. Each interview held by these guys seems to feature them saying the new record is on the way, though it’s never surfaced.


    Whether or not this distorted synth-laden track, “The Return of DST,” is off that album remains to be seen. Considering it’s a tribute to Grandmixer D. ST has me thinking it could be a one-off track. But it’s just great to know these guys are still recording and not just touring all the time. It’s also great that they clearly have it in them to make a killer tune, though anyone that has stuck with De La knew that already.


    You can stream “The Return of DST” here.