‘The Real Is Back 2’ (Mixtape)

    When we heard “Trump” yesterday, I questioned its final resting place as Jeezy did, at that time, have two projects in the works that we hadn’t heard yet — The Real Is Back 2 and TM 103. But now that the former has hit the web, it’s clear that “Trump” is indeed mixtape fodder, albeit good fodder at that. The same goes for those Freddie Gibbs-assisted tracks we’ve been hearing these past few weeks, including the aptly titled “Rough.” Gangsta Gibbs is actually featured on four of the 11 cuts on here. Other guests include Birdman, Yo Gotta, and Scrilla. As a side note: Smart move dropping this mixtape (and its predecessor) on a holiday weekend, Jeezy. This stuff is made for day drinkin’.

    You can download the mixtape here. TM 103 drops Sept. 20.

    [Rap Radar]