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The National: Fake Empire (Ad for Obama Camaign) (Video)

John McCain may have the little dude from Big & Rich in his back pocket, but Obama has always had the market cornered on cool musician celebrity endorsers: Bob Dylan, Wilco, Cool Kids, Ludacris, and, uh, Toby Keith. The National have joined the cool kids (the only scheduled pun for this post) in endorsing Obama, at least musically, as an instrumental verson of their song “Fake Empire” was used as background music to an Obama campaign ad in Colorado during the run-up to the Democratic Party convention.


Me, I’m waiting to see whom the drummer from Interpol endorses before making my pick. [Pitchfork]

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The National

I give the track a 9.5 and the fact that they are getting political a 0.5

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