“The Muse” (Live On WFUV) (Video)

    Laura Marling is about the weirdest artist hyped by the British press in recent memory. It’s not like her straight-faced acoustic folk is in-step with the Brit-pop of the last two decades, and it’s not like she’s knocking other bands in the NME like it seems like her part of her job description. But yet she’s all over the British press hungry for their own answer to Fleet Foxes, and Marling is releasing her third album, A Creature I Don’t Know, to waves of positive press. She still hasn’t had a breakthrough moment stateside, but she’s hustling her music on radio stations to make that happen. She recently hit WFUV in New York, and delivered this haunting take of “The Muse.” It’s a pretty good advertisement for Marling’s charms if you’re not initiated, what with the close ups of her guitar, and ample space for her vocals to shine. 

    A Creature I Don’t Know is due out tomorrow. [24 Bit]