“The Malkin Jewel” (Video)

    Have 15 minutes to spare? Sure you could use that time to take a walk, call your grandmother, or apparently save 15% or more on car insurance; or you could spend the next quarter hour with Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and co. The Mars Volta has release an official video for “The Malkin Jewel,” the lead single off the band’s latest album and nonsense portmanteau Noctourniquet. Clocking in at more than 15 minutes in length the video is mostly made up of black-and-white clips of a live performance, which is probably exactly what most Volta fans want to see.


    Originally the band held a contest asking fans to make a video for the song, however, the winning clip proved to be “weirdly erotic video consisting of some shirtless teenagers rolling around,” according to AUX.tv. I’d like to confirm if this is true, but there is no way I am clicking that link at work.