‘The Madness’ (Mixtape – Download)

    Teaming up with J.Period to create a mixtape is one of the best moves a rapper or singer can do these days. This is a DJ who doesn’t scream or scratch all over a track, which can make even the best song unbearable. Instead, J.Period crafts what plays like a documentary. And the latest artist to enlist his help is vocalist Nneka, who is joined on The Madness by MCs like Talib Kweli, Jay Electronica, and Big Boi. This mixtape is meant to describe the “madness” we’re all living in today thanks to fast-paced technology and political corruption. The Madness also acts as a prelude to Nneka’s next album, Concrete Jungle, due out Feb. 2, 2010.


    J.Period & Nneka: The Madness


    Track list:

    1. Can You Hear? (Intro)
    2. Let the Madness Begin (J.Period Exclusive)
    3. Wake Up World (Interlude)
    4. Wake Up Africa (J.Period Remix)
    5. The Uncomfortable Truth
    6. Untainted Love feat. Damian Marley (Interlude)
    7. Spread Love (Brooklyn to Zion) (J.Period Remix)
    8. Human Rights (Interlude)
    9. Changes (J.Period Remix) feat. M-1 & General Steele
    10. Conscious Lyrics (Interlude)
    11. Gypsy/Infamous (J.Period Exclusive)
    12. Hip Hop Comes From Africa (Interlude)
    13. Walking (J.Period Remix) feat. Jay Electronica
    14. In Transit (Interlude)
    15. Show Love (J.Period Remix) f. Rakaa (Dilated Peoples) & Aceyalone
    16. For the Good of Humanity (Interlude)
    17. God of Mercy (J.Period Remix) f. Zumbi (Zion I)
    18. Suffri (Nigerian in Berlin Remix) feat. Fela Kuti
    19. Perseverance is Character (Interlude)
    20. Strength/Kangpe (J.Period Dubplate) f. Big Boi (Outkast)
    21. Heartbeat (J.Period Remix) feat. Talib Kweli
    22. In the Heart of Man (J.Period Exclusive)
    23. Symptoms of My Madness (Outtro)

    Bonus Mix: J.Period Dubplates
    24. Mind vs. Heart (J.Period Dubplate) f. 2Pac
    25. Changes 2 (J.Period Dubplate) feat. Lauryn Hill & John Forte
    26. Walking 2 (J.Period Dubplate) feat. Nas