“The Lovely Theresa” (Prefix Premiere)

    Los Angeles’ synth-loving Baron Von Luxxury is the latest addition to the Manimal Vinyl roster, which also boasts the likes of Warpaint, Bat For Lashes, and Sister Crayon. Amongst those, Von Luxxury stands out not just because he just might be the most accessible, but because he knows full well that he walks the “fine line dividing what is cool from what is deeply embarrassing.”

    Dude’s unabashedly fond of catchy-as-hell beats and rhythms, which assist in propelling along his addictive brand of synth-pop. This is particularly evident on “The Lovely Theresa,” the latest single off his recently released new album, The Last Seduction. If this doesn’t make you want to dance — don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone — or hit the clubs, I don’t know what will.

    You can try and prove me wrong by attempting to sit still while you check out the track below.