‘The Live Identity’ (Mixtape)

    Hip-hop triple-threat J-Live — he raps, produces, and DJs — is set to release his most ambitious project to date in late September with S.P.T.A. (Said Person of That Ability). It will feature him performing as a one-man, three-person group, which should make for a pretty damn interesting listen depending on how he pulls it off. And to get us ready for S.P.T.A., J-Live is dropped a series of mixtapes as part of The Live Trilogy. Up first is The Live Identity, a 30-track real mixtape meaning that the tracks are actually blended into one another and those tracks are only like one to two minutes in length. The songs are, in his words, “old, new, rare, hot, and classic.” In my words, they’re all pretty dope and more of that raw boom-bap we all know and love.


    You can stream the mixtape below and download it on Bandcamp. S.P.T.A. drops Sept. 27.