“The Jolly Banker” (Woody Guthrie Cover)

    Wilco’s cover of Woody Guthrie’s low-key angst-fueled “The Jolly Banker” could obviously not come at more appropriate time. If you’re unaware of why it’s a fitting time to release this track, well, turn on a news channel or Google various terms about how fucked the U.S. is in financial terms. Anyway, hardcore Wilco heads know full well that this cover is actually somewhat old, but it resonates so much stronger today than when it first hit the web two and a half years ago. I mean, just read the lyrics for cryin’ out loud: “When your car you’re losin’, and sadly your cruisin’/I’m a jolly banker, jolly banker am I/I’ll come and forclose, get your car and your clothes/Singin’ I’m jolly banker, jolly banker am I.” You can stream the cover at Wilco’s website or below. [Aux]